What is parkour?

10 months ago vanesa 2

Parkour is primarily a physical activity centered on the individual's driving ability. Developed from the natural method, try to convert the practitioner into a strong and useful person developing his ability to move with the help of his body in the environment or terrain where he is adapting to the demands of it. It is the development of oneself with useful and efficient displacement as the purpose of movement. It should also be said that parkour is born as a non-competitive activity.


Often, parkour is affected by a dangerous or extreme activity that challenges the traceur, who practices parkour, to push his ability to the limit. However and far from what can be seen from the outside, it is not necessary to climb rooftops, jump abyssal distances or risk at every jump to practice parkour.


One of the maxims of traceur is to be sure before each challenge and prepare conscientiously for it, thus creating a balance link between body and mind to help you move forward with steady pace.

This is why this activity is suitable for all types of people regardless of age, gender, physical form or any other handicap created by society. Each one works with his body, with his possibilities, and takes his training as far as he wants to take it. If you feel older, parkour can help you rejuvenate by becoming a more dynamic, agile person and returning the look of a child who sees any terrain as a playground. If you're not in shape, parkour can help you stay fit and maintain a consistent and fully functional physical workout.

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