These adorable parakeets are the synonym of love

2 months ago vanesa 0

Meet the adorable parakeets Winter, Spring, River and Pain. These four copies of the Pacific were recently integrated into the family of Rupa Sutton, who had no idea of the impact they would have on their lives. Since they arrived, the little feathers filled the photographer’s existence with fun and laughter; and not only that: they have taught him a very important lesson about love. The love and care shown among them melts the heart of anyone.

For Sutton, seeing them interact became his most tender photographic project. In each capture they transmit emotions and magic, they are the perfect models! Have we already mentioned that they are extremely beautiful and of beautiful colors? The macro lens photographs managed to capture the beauty and details of these animals – of which we know little -. They have eyelashes, tiny tongues and feathers that look tinged with watercolors.