The legend of the red thread

10 months ago vanesa 1

An oriental legend tells that the people destined to know each other have a red thread tied in their fingers. This thread never disappears and remains constantly tied, despite time and distance. No matter what it takes to meet that person, no matter how long you spend without seeing it, it does not even matter if you live on the other end of the world: the thread will stretch to infinity but it will never break.


This thread takes with you from your birth and will accompany you, stretched to a greater or lesser extent, more or less tangled, throughout your life. So, the Grandfather of the Moon, every night comes to know the newborn and tie a red thread to his finger, a thread that will decide his future, a thread that will guide these souls so they never get lost ...


The legend goes like this:


"A long time ago, an emperor find聽 in one of the provinces of his kingdom聽 a very powerful witch, who had the ability to see the red thread ,so he sent someone for her .


When the witch arrived, the emperor ordered her to find聽 the other end of the thread that were attached to the emperor pinkie and to take him to his next wife. The witch agreed to this request and began to follow and follow the thread. This search take them to a market in the town, where a poor peasant woman with a baby in her arms offered her products.The witch stood in front of her and invited the pasant woman to her feet.She went next to the young emperor come up to him and said, "Here ends your thread," but when the emperor heard this, he was enraged, thinking it was a mockery of the witch, and pushed the peasant woman still holding her little baby in her arms and made her fall, causing the baby to make a great wound on her forehead, ordered his guards to stop the witch and cut off her head.


Many years later, when this emperor was to be married, and his court recommended that it was best to marry the daughter of a very powerful general. He accepted and when the wedding arrived. And at the moment of seeing for the first time the face of his wife, who entered to the temple with a beautiful dress and a veil that covered totally her face ... When he raised it, he saw that in her beautiful face she had a very peculiar scar on the forehead."


A red thread that we can not impose our whims or our ignorance, a red thread that we can not break or fray. A red thread directly to the heart, which connects to the eternal loves, to the deep ones, those that symbolize the before and by which there is not after