Your guardian angels according to the zodiac

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Did you know that for every sign of the zodiac there is a guardian angel? That is why depending on the day you are born you will not only have a zodiac sign but also have a guardian angel that is your company in life. Each of the guardian angels has particular characteristics and properties as well as being unique to a purpose.


Here is the list of the zodiacal angels and their respective signs:

Aries- Malchedael

This is a very strong angel who will protect us from difficult situations. His help should be invoked with a deep prayer in which the praying one must be well focused and in faith.

Taurus- Hamabiel

An angel whose name means "Greatness of God", and is characterized by its extreme sensitivity. He specializes in love problems and protects us when we are most vulnerable.

Cancer: Muriel

Invokes the "smell of God", which is the meaning of this angel, when you feel weak, sad or depressed, when your home needs peace and harmony.


Leo- Verchiel

The angel for situations of doubt and lack of determination.

Virgo- Raphael

who is known as the healing angel both for when we are physically and mentally ill.



He heals the wounds of the heart. Whether we suffer from heartbreak, have fights with our partner or want protection for third parties.

Corpio- Barkiel

Which is a name that means "the illumination of God" and that will protect us from our enemies or those who desire our evil or do us harm.

Agenarian- Adnachiel

Who embodies the "joy of God", is the angel who gives us help throughout life, whether in the economic, in our home, or at work. We invoke it to make our plans go well.


Capricorn - Hanael

The angel we will ask for help when stress or anxiety affect us in life, especially if we have family burdens


This is one of the most recognized angels in Christendom for announcing the arrival of Christ. It is invoked in times when we have to be creative and provide an idea to solve something, as well as to start new plans.

Piscis- Barachiel

The angel to invoke when a spiritual support is needed before making an important decision for our lives, or when we need to alleviate a sentence or calm a doubt.