The good thing about yoga🙆🏼‍

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If there is a community characterized by being united, supportive, and peaceful, it is that of yoga, whose members are capable of achieving inner peace by uniting well-being at the level of body, soul and thought. In addition to the physical benefits of this practice, there are a number of more positive aspects when doing regular yoga sessions.
1. You will have a healthy and strong body

You will be able to reach postures that you believed impossible and you will be surprised to discover the control that you will have on your body. If you feel strong, it is because you are.

2. You can "restart" your mind

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With the help of the Savasana, a posture in which you keep your body relaxed and face up, you can enter into a deep relaxation and forget about all the problems that may be troubling you.

3. You will forget all negativity

Once you take the yoga route, it will be difficult to get out, especially if you get well after concentrating and meditating about your actions, you will learn to get rid of everything that does not do you good.

4. You will know your true passion

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When you practice yoga frequently, you will be able to find your true life mission. Your inner voice will speak very loudly to remind you who you are, where you come from, and what you can achieve.

5. Change your usual diet for a healthier one

No matter that your diet for years has been meat based, when you start a healthier, your body and soul will feel much better. In time, you will be able to omit what damages you and only consume with what nourishes you.

by Lolita Cuevas-Avendaño