The Beauty Of Falling In Love

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The last thing I expected was to fall in love, it never crossed my mind. When in a meeting I saw that women of my age were waiting for a phone call, I thought: ‘My God, they are nuts’. And then I fell in love “, by Esther Tusquets.

One is in love when one realizes that another person is unique”, by Jorge Luis Borges.

“In a kiss, you will know everything that I have kept silent”, by Pablo Neruda. To this we can add many other phrases of love of literature with which you will feel identified if you have ever fallen in love.

Love is a wonderful flower, but it is necessary to have the courage to go and look for it on the edge of a horrible precipice “, by Stendhal.

“True love is not self-love, it is the one that gets the lover to open up to other people and life, does not harass, does not isolate, does not reject, does not persecute: only accepts”, by Antonio Gala.

“We fell in love despite our differences and, in doing so, we created a unique and wonderful feeling. For me, it was a love that can only exist once, and that is why every minute we spend together has been recorded in my memory. I will never forget a single moment of our relationship “, by Nicholas Sparks. Discover some incredible love movies that portray very well what it is to be in love, including the adaptations of the novels of Sparks himself.