Strange superstitions that exist in the world

5 months ago vanesa 1
Each region of the Earth and its different forms of civilization, has infinitely different traditions and beliefs, and that is what keeps us multicultural richness, but when it comes to psychedelic rituals like superstitions, it seems like a war To know which country is crazier.
Bad luck, gaffe, evil eye or bad omens pursue the minds of many of you; Without wanting to fall into the belief of things that only generate us restlessness. Superstition? Or do you think that something is really behind them?
We have made a collection of superstitions, myths and beliefs that exist all over the planet, some more plausible than others, all loaded with curiosity, mysticism and tradition

1.Β Β  For the occasional gringos, to shave a child can mark it for his whole life, not only because they are more curious, but because according to his belief, if they do when it is full moon, when they grow they will suffer hair loss until they become pellets at an age early.


2.Β Β  The belief of Albania, in which sweeping a woman's feet can make her never find a husband, or leave her a widow if she is a married woman.


3.Β Β  For Koreans sleeping in a room with the ventilation on can be a kind of call to death.


4.Β Β  In Korea, dreaming of pigs is a sign that you will receive a large sum of money


5.Β Β Β  In Poland, it is unlucky for a pregnant woman to stare into the fire because if she does it for a long time, she is in danger of her baby being red-haired


6.Β Β Β  In Senegal it is thought that if you want your trips or holidays to go well you should not tell anyone, if anyone knows your intentions, you will have a holiday of sorrow.


7.Β Β  Countries like Romania have the belief that a woman who establishes direct contact with the floor when sitting without a surface that covers her bottom from the coldness of the floor can become infertile as her ovaries freeze.

8.Β Β  Watch out for a wedding dress if you're not going to get married. According to the Italians, playing with something as sacred as a future wife's trousseau could cost you 7 years of bad sex.


9.Β  In Lithuania it is not allowed to open the door of the home of a person we have just met. So that it is not considered bad luck, at least must spend 7 years of living with the owner of the house in order to have the freedom to open the door


10.Β Β Β  In France it is believed that stepping on a dog poop with the left foot gives good luck, on the contrary, stepping on it with the right foot will only bring dislikes.


11.Β Β Β  In Germany it is bad luck to toast with water since it is thought that you are wishing for the death of everyone with whom you give.