Watch the Sloth babies conversation🌱

4 months ago vanesa 0

The Sloth or lazy Bear (Bradypus variegatus), is a species of  own of Center and South America. The sloth has grayish brown to beige skin, and is very thick. The lazy head is round, nose flat and ears not visible. The tail is very small.

It is the most distributed and common species of the group, being in many different environments, including evergreen forests, dry forests and deeply disturbed natural areas. It is solitary, nocturnal and diurnal, feeding on leaves of many species of trees.

The lazy female emits a loud, strident lament during the mating season to attract males. It is a scream that sounds like an “ay ay”.
Their lives may be too slow for human patience, but although they seem slow animals like turtles, they are usually quite agile among tree branches. The little ones that you will see next are housed in a natural reserve, since they are a species in extinction by the deterioration that the man has caused to its natural habitat.
Today we bring before you a tender conversation between two tender Sloth babies