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Skateboarding is a sport that consists of sliding on a table with wheels and in turn to perform a variety of tricks, much of them raising the floorboard and making figures and tricks with it in the air. In short, it is simply called skate, which is also the term used to name the skateboard, a board that is used for skateboarding. It is related to surfing, street culture, urban art, but many skaters just skate in streets and / or squares. In fact, in many competitions there are two categories (or more): street (street style) and vert (ramp); Because an individual can slide down the slopes of a skatepark.


The emergence of this extreme sport falls to the state of California for the years 1960 and 1970, at which time extreme sports like surfing enjoyed a great boom (modality era) worldwide. The main reason for the creation of the skateboard is based on the replacement of the surfboard on land. The earliest designs of these consisted of only one piece of wood either altered with mainly roller skates. Then for the year 1972 began to manufacture "skateboards" with a more advanced technology and specific for that modality.



It is the basic trick of skateboarding, from which most of the others are derived, is the mother of the vast majority of modern tricks. It consists of jumping with the board without taking it with your hands



The Nollie, is a trick very similar to ollie but more complicated, it is to raise the table but stepping on the nose (front tip) with the front foot (the one you use to scrape) for example: if you are regular (left foot forward ), You put your left foot in the nose and the right you use it to scrape, just as if you're goofy (right foot forward) but upside down



Grind tricks basically consist of jumping sliding over a surface like a railing or a ledge, maintaining balance and avoiding falling. It basically consists of two types of tricks: grinds, which are made with trucks, such as 50-50, nosegrind and pivot-grind (both axles, front and rear respectively).


Tricks for lip, stall or lace

They are those made at the edges of the ramps. The tricks of lip, stall or lace consist of placing on an edge of a quarter pipe, a half pipe a pool or a bowl. Basically they are to raise a part of the table or to realize some type of plant in the edge of said objects.


Manual Tricks

The manual tricks consist of maintaining balance with two wheels either front manual nose or with the rear 'manual' is basic skate, there are also the one-wheel manual; Which consists of maintaining balance on a single wheel either front or rear and manual one-foot; Which is a manual or manual nose but with only one foot on the table.