Beer is good after exercise?

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Many are looking for the best after-exercise drink, to hydrate and recover lost electrolytes. To others, the water seems to them little and their organism (due to the state of hypoglycemia) takes it to look for something "that fills more". Well, for those who enjoy beer: you have been right in your choice. First of Read More

A russian wedding?

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Russian weddings last two days, are fun and full of rituals. Russians are often very superstitious and prefer to follow traditional rites. For example, in the month of May they think that it can give them bad luck and curiously August is usually the favorite for weddings in Russia. Traditional weddings often follow the same Read More

Some easy ways to get money

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  1. Get paid for your holiday snapshots Stock photos can get samey, so businesses are always looking for brand new images to buy. Why not cash in? You don’t have to be a camera wizard to take photos worth paying for. If you have some digital snaps with decent resolution, consider selling them to online Read More


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Surely you will recognize these children by your favorite movies and series from when you were younger, but obviously they have all grown and changed a lot! They were the face of famous children's series or films around the world and they knew the world of stardom before any actress or actor of Hollywood. But Read More

How to start with E-Commerce?

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If you have a simple product to sell and a desire to expand your sales online, there are a few tools you can use to get started. Websites such as SquareSpace and WordPress offer mobile-friendly ready-to-go e-commerce templates that help you get a store up and running quickly. As a shop owner, you will need Read More

Cheap travel part 2 ✈️

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Transport   When you think about traveling, you immediately think of the very high cost of the plane ticket, and that is enough to discourage anyone. What you have to keep in mind is that there are other options besides the plane, although it is true that some do not serve for a short trip Read More

Cheap travel part 1✈️

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These are some recommendations that I apply during my travels and that I hope will serve you. They are divided into four main parts: food, lodging, transportation and other expenses. This is part 1 FOOD * Avoid tourist restaurants. They are always more expensive and, in many cases, not as good as the locals. * Read More

E-Commerce your best option

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If your needs are simple — perhaps you’re scheduling appointments and require a deposit at the time of booking — consider an online merchant account. A payment processor can help you open an online merchant account, or check with the bank you already use for your business. PayPal offers another method of integrating ecommerce into your Read More

The easiest jobs in the world

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1. Private Island Caretaker Fun factors—Soak up the sun, go on adventures, and pretend that it’s your very own island. Annual salary—Up to $100,0003 2. Ethical Hacker Fun factors—Make great money hacking into computer systems, legally. And take pride in knowing that you have the upper hand over black-hat hackers. Average annual salary—$93,250 3. Ferrari Read More

Paris illuminates with the art of Julien Nonnon

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Julien Nonnon's first project consisted of turning the city of light into a real jungle with his work called "Urban Safari". On this occasion, kisses, passion and love will invade Parisian buildings through the project called "Le Baiser" (The Kiss), which projects 100 couples in romantic situations. If you want to know this artist more Read More