Online gyms?

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Going to the gym is no longer a problem. What you get now are the best online gym, at your disposal 24 hours a day. Virtual classes that you receive through a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.


The online gyms that have become a real revolution in the sector are the following:
Fitness Center Aomm Tv

The Aomm Tv Gym has first class professionals, willing to offer classes and guided pilates, yoga and meditation classes online. The fee is 10 euros.
At home

The Enformaencasa online gym that supports physical education graduates with a master's degree in high performance. They offer videos with training routines and information on diets, food and recipes. The training bonus at home costs you 5 euros. And with a personal trainer, there are 20, which will have to add another 30 if you apply for nutritional advice.
Virtual Gym

The Virtual Gym gym has a free trial version. The downside is that they are class in English, because it is a British company. The good news is that you get in shape while improving your English. You have Boot Camp, step aerobics, strech and toning. It rams in the UK.

The online star gym. It offers 21 training rooms for all ages and types of fitness. You choose the exercise to do, the time and the intensity. The monitors do the exercises with you in real time. Ictiva's fee is 6 euros.

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