Metricas Frias rapper

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Metricas Frias is a rapper from medellin, city of colombia, who has an incredible style and a voice that impacts.
Metricas Frรญas talks about how he raps at concerts. He is energetic and agile, jumping from one topic to another without losing the rhythm. This 23-year-old Medellin rapper is also thoughtful and attentive. It’s warm, simple and he laughs constantly. He’s an incredible person.

Along with Maรฑas Rufino, with whom he forms Doble Porciรณn, Zof Ziro and Granuja, who are Gordo Sarkasmus, and Crudo Means Raw, Moebiuz has been one of the most well-oiled machines of Creole rap in recent years
Mรฉtricas speaks with enough passion, this one is very happy to sing the songs live, together with all his fans, where Metricas finds his place jumping during the whole concert and throwing himself to the public if the scenario allows it.
we invite you to know him and his music.


M E T R I C A S F R I A S . #curtkovein @doble_porcion @juansi_ en la foto

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