Meaty the pitbull rescue dog that smiles

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Some people say that rescuing a dog will not change the world, but it will change their world; This is well known to Lisa Reilly, who rescued Meatball, better known as Meaty; and since then the dog has not stopped smiling.

Meaty is a Pitbull cross

He has won over 40,000 followers on Instagram

seΓ±or con pitbull

Although now it looks very good, his life has not been rose petals

$7000 in dog surgeries so far this year, over $1000 on dog acupuncture, hundreds in dog medication, but I swear that extra $15 between the regular Costco dog bed and the memory foam one is just too much. I seriously spent my entire shopping trip hemming and hawing down the aisles as I accumulated my other goods trying to weigh if he really needed the ortho bed for an extra $15. He's lucky I didn't like the colors of the cheaper beds. #Ijustkeeptellingmyselfthat #Whatisabudget #savingsaccountsareoverrated #poorme #flbd #fresnobullyrescue #pitbullsofinstagram #mypitbullisfamily #rescuedogsofinstagram #pitbullgram_ #pitbullsofficial #pitbulladvocate #pitbull #adoptdontshop #americanbully #dogsofinstagram #goals #cute #funny #instagramdogs #instadogs #instafamous #costco #bully #lovernotafighter

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Before having a loving family, he was rescued and lived in a shelter

meaty el pitbull

Lisa met Meatball thanks to the internet

He saw one of his photos on the Fresno Bully Rescue page

Meaty reminded him of his dog Kitty, who died a few months ago

Lisa decided to take Meaty to her house

To be part of the family, along with your other demure dogs

And since then Meaty has not stopped smiling!

perro sonriendo

Ween-crush Wednesday on a walrus! We don't post the doxies as often for many reasons, but mainly dachshunds don't give AF and are crazy hard to train. Bitty (longhair) is the easiest dog ever but Dapper is basically the anti-Christ AKA the WDE (worst dog ever.) As long as he is under a blanket and on the lap of someone who doesn't move or try to touch his face or feet, he's really easy, but under every other circumstance, he sucks. He's been banned from a vet's office for biting too many people, he's been banned from the dog park for unprovoked attacks, and he was kicked out of puppy socialization classes for his unpredictable dog aggression. He's always been this way. We got him at 8weeks old and would carry him on walks before he had all his shots to try and expose him to all sorts of stuff, but he'd try to lunge out of your arms at every dog that walked by. We have to keep him separate longest when we foster other dogs and do his intros slowest. He's taught us a lot about dog body language and doing dog-dog intros geared towards individual needs. It's a very love/hate relationship with him, but he's our jerk and we love him. #worstdogever #baddogsclub #squad #spoiled #squadgoals #bestfriends #fresnobullyrescue #mypitbullisfamily #pitbullsofinstagram #pitbull #dachshund #doxie #dogs #cute #dogsofinstagram #dogstagram #instagramdogs #instadogs #minidachshund #dapple #americanbully #pitbullgram_ #pitbullsofficial #barkbox

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