Incredible animals you probably did not know

10 months ago vanesa 6

Nature manages a delicate balance that is affected by humans. More than 40% of known species are in danger of extinction. Here we show you some of the incredible animals that may be extinguished soon.

1.Pinocchio frog

It was discovered in Indonesia in 2008 and was nicknamed the "Pinocchio frog" because of its peculiar spike similar to a human nose, which can move upwards before a male call or down when in danger.

2.Quebrantahuesos rojo

These birds inhabit the Everest, the Himalayas and other mountainous regions of Europe and Asia. They were almost eradicated because of the fears of the population that they would attack their lambs and children. It is estimated that 10 thousand

3.Maggiore Salpa

This transparent fish, in fact is not so rare because it belongs to the family of sรกlpidos, which are a source of food for other larger fish, seals and turtles. Due to its lack of color the "salpas" can travel in a calm way by the ocean


It lives in the caves of Central and Southeastern Europe, is one of the few fully aquatic amphibians. He has no eyes and his senses of hearing and smell are sharpened. Water pollution has led this species to be in danger of extinction.

5.Flat nosed monkey

This is the rarest primate species and was discovered in 2010 north of Burma (Myanmar). Due to the peculiar shape of his nose and his prominent lips, this monkey sneezes when it rains.


Known as zebra giraffe, this animal jumped to fame in 1800. Currently only can be found in the Dominican Republic of Congo, being between 10 thousand and 20 thousand.

7.Coconut crabs

They are the largest example of arthropods in the world, weighing up to 9 kilos. They are considered a delicacy, so they are protected in certain areas. They are giant