How to shave lines in the eyebrows

5 months ago vanesa 0

The lines on the eyebrows are a fashionable trend for many young people. They consider it “great” to have eyebrow patterns, and believe that it increases their popularity ratings among their peers. The trend was presented to the general audience at the end of the 80s when celebrities, like Vanilla Ice, wore that fashion. In our days, several celebrities have returned to make the eyebrow cut popular. However, today some people associate this trend with gangs, and believe that it is part of their dress codes. To shave lines on your eyebrows, use the proper tools and shaving technique.



Brush your eyebrows with an eyebrow brush in the direction of hair growth. Use a toothbrush as an alternative.


Use a white pencil to draw one or more vertical lines on the hairs of the eyebrow. The pencil makes it easier to leave a space between the shaved areas. Make the lines as thick or thin as you want. Keep in mind that the lines in the eyebrows are made more frequently in the outer half of these.


Turn on the hair cutting machine. Avoid placing a guard on the machine so you can get a shave flush and remove all hairs.


Place the machine on the edge of the white line. Apply light pressure while shaving quickly against hair growth to the opposite edge of the line. Make a short and quick movement, since you will only eliminate a minimum amount of hair.


Remove the machine from your eyebrow and repeat the process in any other line you wish to create.


Brush the eyebrows to remove shaved hairs. Apply a gel on the eyebrows to fix your new style.