How to make a perfect eyeliner

7 months ago vanesa 1

Cat eyes, feline look or torn outline, whatever your way to call this type of eyeliner, sure, just like it happens to the celebrities of half the world, is one of your favorite makeup. We know that it is a technique that not everyone dominates, but following a few simple steps and with a little practice, surely you become a real expert of the freehand stroke. To paint!

For years, if there has been a makeup technique that has survived the trends and has dominated in all times, that is undoubtedly the ripped outline. A well-crafted eyeliner can work wonders when it comes to resurrecting a tired look or highlighting the shape of your eyes. It is not necessary to have a perfect almond shaped eyes so that this type of outline fits you well, because when you draw the line at the outer edge of the eye, it will automatically make them look bigger, creating that incredible feline effect.


1-Start with an eyeliner pencil: If the idea is to use a liquid eyeliner on the top of the eyelids, we tell you that it should go just above the eyelashes. To get it right, we suggest you first make a dotted line with an eyeliner pencil, just above the eyelashes and then use this as a guide to make your final line.

2-Without problems: When you go to delineate the eyes, make the finite line and slowly add thickness. Do not make it thick at once. If you run, you can correct it with a slightly damp swab.

3-Firm hand: Make sure you do not shake your hand while outlining your eyes, is a difficult task. What you can do is lean over the bathroom cabinet, supporting both elbows on it. And then try to make the line. You can also support the hand that you do not use under the eye and support the hand with which you are going to delineate, so you will have a support and the pulse will be firmer.

4-Shake the eyeliner: It is important that you shake the eyeliner well, otherwise, it may be too thick for an ideal application.

5-A durable application: The biggest complaint of the liquid eyeliner is that it runs or erases very fast. For this not to happen first you can apply corrector or shade.

6-Storage: Do not save your eyeliner without closing it properly. Moisture should not enter.

7-Let it dry: A very common mistake that is made is that it is not given enough time for the eyeliner to dry properly. You can solve this problem in two ways. First buy a quick-drying eyeliner, so you do not have to wait for it to dry. And second, wait for your eyeliner to dry