Get money TODAY!

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1. A Facebook account and your friends can be the solution Sign in to your Facebook account and ask your friends if they need someone to look after their children, their pets, or even their home on the same day or night.聽 Be sure to make it clear why you are a good kangaroo (or pet keeper or housekeeper), and include any experience you have had before in this job. If you offer yourself as a babysitter, tell them in addition what fun plans you have to spend the night and look after the children. 聽

2. While waiting for someone to answer you on Facebook, go to your closet … And look at what clothes you no longer wear. While you are waiting for one of your friends to answer you to be the kangaroo of your little ones (or your pets), take out of your wardrobe all the clothes that have not been worn for months (and years!). Take them to a used clothing store in your city (if you do not know any, just put your city in Google, and “used clothing stores” or “second hand”), and at the same time you will be paid for them

3. If the above two methods do not work, go to a pawn shop Suppose no one needs you to take care of your children, nor did they want to buy your used clothes … but you need the money now! Do not panic, and go to a pawn shop. There you can pawn objects that you love in exchange for money (and have the possibility to retrieve them later), or sell items that you no longer want. Although remember to read the contract of these stores well if you do not want to cry later for an object that you can no longer recover.

4.MAKE A GARGE SALE or make a sale in your house If you have a few days to get money in a short time, you’re out of luck. One of the best ways is to go to a flea market or celebrate a sale at your house. I use one of these methods at least once a year, and I always get between $ 200 and $ 500 each time. Whichever option you choose, the only way to be successful is to be organized. Be sure to list all your items and label them with the price.

5.Earn money with your special talent! The title may seem like something … rude, but really not what you imagine! If you know how to sing, dance, play an instrument, or even act, dedicate yourself to doing it on the street and get paid for it! Did you know that Justin Bieber started his musical career like that, singing on the street? Actually here I can not give you any concrete tips to be successful, except that you choose a central place that many people go through and that you are at least good at what you are going to do, whether it is singing, dancing, or pampering.