Expansions of the ears

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In our days, the great popularity of the expansions of the ears is undeniable. A type of very peculiar body art that we could perfectly classify within a spectrum almost ghost located between the piercings and the extreme corporal modification. Well, as always, now what you most expected: a good photo gallery of expansions of Read More

Metricas Frias rapper

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Metricas Frias is a rapper from medellin, city of colombia, who has an incredible style and a voice that impacts. Metricas FrΓ­as talks about how he raps at concerts. He is energetic and agile, jumping from one topic to another without losing the rhythm. This 23-year-old Medellin rapper is also thoughtful and attentive. It’s warm, Read More

The beautiful frozen Baikal lake ♑❄️

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Kristina Makeeva is a photographer and traveler from Moscow who together with a group of friends was set on the impressive Lake Baikal, Russia, considered as the deepest and most crystalline of the Earth. Before the trip, they did not even suspect the surprise and magic that awaited them being there. Here we present you,the Read More

Strange superstitions that exist in the world

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Each region of the Earth and its different forms of civilization, has infinitely different traditions and beliefs, and that is what keeps us multicultural richness, but when it comes to psychedelic rituals like superstitions, it seems like a war To know which country is crazier. Bad luck, gaffe, evil eye or bad omens pursue the Read More

What bonsai would you have?

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Everyone knows these tiny, beautiful trees, but few know what their name means, and we have only the faintest idea that it could mean anything in terms of their size; and indeed: Bonsai refers to size. The word Bonsai (盆栽) literally means bon = Tray, Sai: Cultivar and is of Japanese origin. Their technique is Read More

The sports cars of your dreams

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Koenigsegg Agera R This model was developed in Sweden, it is an exclusive car, because this sports car has a 5-liter V8 engine, is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.9 seconds to the igal than the previous one. Its price is lower, it costs 2.5 million dollars. Maybach Exelero Read More


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Skateboarding is a sport that consists of sliding on a table with wheels and in turn to perform a variety of tricks, much of them raising the floorboard and making figures and tricks with it in the air. In short, it is simply called skate, which is also the term used to name the skateboard, Read More

Inventions that will make you see that the future is here

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A common phrase in the commercials of new technologies always alludes to that the future is today, something totally certain when we see that the scientific and technological advances demonstrate that they are going in the leaps and bounds. Inventions that seemed impossible years ago and we only saw them in futuristic films and science Read More

A beautiful world inside your ring

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There are fascinating collections of rings filled with diamonds, but the rings we present this time are unique, since inside they have minipaisajes encapsulated in resin. Secret Wood is a Canadian jewelry company that is in charge of encapsulating miniature landscapes within rings made with fresh green wood, resin and beeswax. Wooden rings with resin Read More

Roux, the tender kitten with two legs

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Introduce yourself to Roux, a beautiful kitten who was born without her two front legs. When her owner, Jackie Deak Akey, saw her photo for the first time she instantly fell in love and ran to the shelter where she was in New Orleans to adopt this beautiful cat that stole her heart. But not Read More