The beautiful frozen Baikal lake ♡❄️

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Kristina Makeeva is a photographer and traveler from Moscow who together with a group of friends was set on the impressive Lake Baikal, Russia, considered as the deepest and most crystalline of the Earth. Before the trip, they did not even suspect the surprise and magic that awaited them being there. Here we present you,the Read More

Travel photos from the heights

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Traveling is one of the most incredible experiences that we can live, traveling by plane and seeing the beautiful and incredible landscapes that we can appreciate from that height is something without equal. It is true that humans were not born with the ability to fly, but thanks to two visionaries who created the first Read More

Incredible abandoned places

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The world is a magical place, full of incredible landscapes that alone can take our breath away by its imposing beauty and its majesty. But the human being can also work wonders, amazing architectural masterpieces that become exemplary of the talent of men. The places that we will show you are incredible human creations that Read More

A jacuzzi in the heart of the Amazon

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Napo Wildlife Center is a luxury eco resort located on a lagoon in Yasuní National Park, one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. It is 100% managed by the Kichwa indigenous community Añangu, native inhabitants of the region. Being in the middle of the Amazon jungle after having chased a herd of about Read More

The most beautiful sunsets in the world

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The sunsets are enigmatic, at the moment of observing they impress us with their magnitude, awakening feelings like tranquility, nostalgia and romanticism. The sunsets are enigmatic, at the moment of observing they impress us with their magnitude, awakening feelings like tranquility, nostalgia and romanticism. Many say it's their favorite time of the day. There are Read More

Neon sea?🌊

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A strange phenomenon is occurring on the coast of the island of Tasmania, Australia. It is a great flowering of algae that illuminates the sea in a very bright way and with a blue phosphorescence, as if they had included neon lights under the water.   Are called Noctiluca scintillans, known as "sea sparks" or Read More

The most beautiful beaches in the world🌴

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1. La Digue- Isla en las Seychelles 2. Isla Santa Cruz-Zamboanga 3. Isla Sanibel- Florida 4. Cannon- Oregon 5. San Andres- Colombia 6.Venice Beach (California, EE UU) 7. Corniche- Francia 8. Isla Koh Rong- California 9. Piscinas- Cerdeña 10. Noordwijk- Holanda 11. Aitutaki- Islas Cook 12. Hawai Read More

The most luxurious retreats and vacations💎

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  Do you feel that your body and mind is tired? Sometimes it is necessary to give them a break and what better way to do it in a mindfulness retreat in a beutiful and luxury places 1.Accommodation Saffire, Tasmania, Australia The only luxury accommodation in Tasmania, Saffire sits alone in the wilderness of the Read More

THE MAGIC WORLD OF “square” mountains of the Amazon

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Each year hundreds of kilometers of caverns beneath the surface of the Earth are explored, with new discoveries in the underworld that offer a vision of the evolution of life. But few have achieved what the Italian geologist Francesco Sauro did, as he plunged into the deepest reaches of the Amazon to explore the depths Read More

Would you live in Antarctica?

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The marriage Hjertefølger decided 4 years ago that they wanted to live nothing more or nothing less than in Antarctica. Today, Benjamin and Ingrid lead the 6-member family, which defies extreme weather conditions, living there 3 years ago in a naturist house wrapped in a solar dome, located on the island of Sandhornøya in northern Read More