Expansions of the ears

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In our days, the great popularity of the expansions of the ears is undeniable. A type of very peculiar body art that we could perfectly classify within a spectrum almost ghost located between the piercings and the extreme corporal modification. Well, as always, now what you most expected: a good photo gallery of expansions of Read More

Henna Tattoos

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What is Henna? Henna is a plant (Lawsonia inermis) from which the leaves are collected, dried and crushed to a fine powder that is used to dye or make tattoos, it is henna powder. It is a plant of small fragrant white flowers that grows in warm climates so we can find it in countries Read More

Your ideal piercing according to your zodiac sign

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The body is the temple in which emotions, feelings, and unique energies converge, thus marking the difference between one person and another. In some tribes they usually decorate their bodies with tattoos, piercings and even with simple accessories, as part of the cosmovision or as elements that establish the maturity of the member. Based on Read More

Meet the Sexiest Seaman on the Internet

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We introduce you to Will Gregor a 26 year old who grew up in a village in Devon, England. Morning campers🌴 A post shared by Will Gregor (@wjgregor) on Jul 17, 2017 at 1:36am PDT He was part of the Royal Navy of England, but left aside his travels to become a model and Read More

Delicate and beautiful tattoos on the ears

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When it comes the topic about tattoos, specifically those that you want to make in the ears, the first thing that comes out is the size because it is a small area that limits us a lot when choosing the design. But inside the bad thing always there is something good, and is that we Read More

Incredible Tattoos Inspired by Art History

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The tattoo is considered today an art in which it shows the identity of the person that wear it and the artist. But there are some tattos that are a reinterpretation of classic works that creates a unique and incredible ink experience. If you love art or history, or simply love the beauty of these Read More

Older people with tattoos looking great

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The volunteers shared their images on the Bored Panda page, where they respond to the eternal question of "how will your tattoo look when you are 60?". "Many people are reluctant to get a tattoo, for fear it will look bad when they are older. While that's a matter of personal taste, these tattooed seniors Read More

Tattoos that cover scars and at the same time tell a story

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The scars are part of our life. Rare is the person who does not have a scar on somewhere in his body. These brands really tell stories about us that, on most occasions, we would prefer to forget. On another occasion we already saw how a tattoo can completely camouflage any of these marks. Today's Read More

False myths about tattoos

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TATTOS Around the world of the tattoo there are many myths that although sometimes they can have part of reason, in others they have no foundation. We want to talk about these false ideas because they often associate with this art many negative concepts such as lack of hygiene, pain and complications that have nothing Read More