Beautiful african braids

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The African braids are characterized by being small and begin well attached to the scalp. One of the styles that has been at the top of fashion lately is to wear African braids all over the head, loose or forming a hairstyle. All types of braids have been a useful alternative for a long time, Read More

Real Life Rapunzels

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Having a long, silky, shiny and very well-cared hair is the dream of many girls and to achieve this, some use endless products that promise to help in hair growth, while others simply go through the method of using extensions. On the other hand, there are those girls who were blessed with the genes of Read More

Create artwork using only makeup

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The makeup has become an art, thanks to the experts in beauty that play with the colors of the shadows, illuminators and lips in an extraordinary way. We have already seen that some recreate classic works of art, and others transform their lips into the most important scenes of cinema. Luna Fortun is one of Read More

A beautiful world inside your ring

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There are fascinating collections of rings filled with diamonds, but the rings we present this time are unique, since inside they have minipaisajes encapsulated in resin. Secret Wood is a Canadian jewelry company that is in charge of encapsulating miniature landscapes within rings made with fresh green wood, resin and beeswax. Wooden rings with resin Read More

How to make a perfect eyeliner

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Cat eyes, feline look or torn outline, whatever your way to call this type of eyeliner, sure, just like it happens to the celebrities of half the world, is one of your favorite makeup. We know that it is a technique that not everyone dominates, but following a few simple steps and with a little Read More

Beautiful Photos Of Mothers And Daughters

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The love of a mother is unconditional, always in the difficult moments of happiness, adventure and play. She is an accomplice to the mischief of her children, a confidant who will try to give the best advice, the friend who will support dreams and projects. The bond between mother and daughter is inexplicable, but it Read More

Kylie Jenner’s Successful Makeup Techniques

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It must be recognized: the Kardashian family has been charged, through its particular reality, to open a whole world of possibilities beauty, based on a series of techniques of makeup that until then were not too well-known to the common mortal. And one thing is clear, its results convinced millions of women all over the Read More

What does it mean to dream with the guy or girl that I like?

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Attraction and desire are part of our natural instinct but not only physical , psychological to . Your conscious and your subconscious know that there is an attraction to someone, that you think about him or her when you are awake and that in dreams that desire can also arise. That's why it's totally logical Read More

Beautiful women with tattoosπŸ’‹

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Today we have made a compilation of beautiful women who like to perform tattoos, for those women who still have no idea ,what design to choose as to the tattoo that they will put on their body, this is a great opportunity for them to see which one they like more . So, it is Read More