Beautiful engagement photos that you will love

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Are you close to getting married? Or maybe you need help with the hand request? You may look for some inspiration for your photo shoots, such an important day deserves the best.   This year, photographers from around the world delivered more than five thousand images to Junebug Wedding’s 2017, the contest that collects the Read More

Tips that you must follow to make him/her fall madly in love

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Take her to dinner at a nice place, go to the movies or accompany her to a family event, that will make any woman happy. But Men think they know all about how to bring romance into the relationship, but there are a lot of romantic gestures you should consider to make your partner happy. Read More

The Golden Rule for a Happy Relationship

6 months ago vanesa 0 We want to have a relationship that motivates, complements, makes us feel loved, respected, valued, and of course, a better person , right? So if this is what we want, we should not forget the golden rule to have a good relationship: to love ourselves first. We can be in a relationship and also Read More

Definite signs that your relationship does not work

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We have talked a lot about the keys so that a relationship can last for many years, what could be the engine of your relationship and even the clues that can make you find out if your relationship is perfect. But what happens when we think it does not work? When we have stretched it Read More

The legend of the red thread

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An oriental legend tells that the people destined to know each other have a red thread tied in their fingers. This thread never disappears and remains constantly tied, despite time and distance. No matter what it takes to meet that person, no matter how long you spend without seeing it, it does not even matter Read More

Couples who show that true love is for life

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We're all going to get old and nobody can avoid that . Many things in this life can pass away and cease to be, but there is something that always is present the LOVE despite the age. If love cares, protects and renews itself, it can last for a lifetime! And these couples that we Read More

What does it mean to dream with the guy or girl that I like?

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Attraction and desire are part of our natural instinct but not only physical , psychological to . Your conscious and your subconscious know that there is an attraction to someone, that you think about him or her when you are awake and that in dreams that desire can also arise. That's why it's totally logical Read More

Sweet things that happen when you sleep with your love.

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Sleeping with the person you love is wonderful. There are even signs that it is a very effective way to combat stress and insomnia problems. However, there are certain stages you spend when you sleep with that person and they do not have anything romantic or, moreover, comfortable. From the kicks, the little space in Read More