Expansions of the ears

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In our days, the great popularity of the expansions of the ears is undeniable. A type of very peculiar body art that we could perfectly classify within a spectrum almost ghost located between the piercings and the extreme corporal modification. Well, as always, now what you most expected: a good photo gallery of expansions of Read More

How to shave lines in the eyebrows

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The lines on the eyebrows are a fashionable trend for many young people. They consider it “great” to have eyebrow patterns, and believe that it increases their popularity ratings among their peers. The trend was presented to the general audience at the end of the 80s when celebrities, like Vanilla Ice, wore that fashion. In Read More

Unpublished photographs of the past

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Reliving the past will always be possible as long as it has been preserved in a very special place. The photographs that we will show you will give you a different perspective of humanity as we are used to seeing it. It is so easy to forget how it was that the last century was Read More

A man has been taxi driver in NY for more than 20 years

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Many will ask themselves, what is a good thing of beenΒ  a taxi driver ? Ryan Weidemanes is much more than a driver who listens and tells anecdotes while transferring those who preferred to grab the party before becoming the designated drivers … He has been an artist of photography since 1980! He has been Read More

Girl sings to her dog to sleep him

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Leave everything you’re doing right now and see what could be the most tender video you’ll see on the Internet in recent months. Lauren Malone recorded the moment in which her adorable daughter Katy sing to her new pet named Oakley, a puppy about three months old. Like a mother, the tender girl took the Read More

Kiss of a Stranger

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The Roskilde Festival in Denmark is designed for people to relax to the rhythm of music; However, photographer Johanna Siring went a step further by documenting the free spirit mentality, and to achieve this she created a project called Kiss of a Stranger in which she photographed strangers before and after a kiss by a Read More

Strange superstitions that exist in the world

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Each region of the Earth and its different forms of civilization, has infinitely different traditions and beliefs, and that is what keeps us multicultural richness, but when it comes to psychedelic rituals like superstitions, it seems like a war To know which country is crazier. Bad luck, gaffe, evil eye or bad omens pursue the Read More

The Most good-looking Criminals in the World

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Do you remember the heartthrob who caught the eye for being the sexiest delinquent? Yes, we're talking about Jeremy Meeks, the touching-eyed kid. Unfortunately he made himself known thanks to the Facebook page Stockton Police Departament after being arrested for a felony with weapons. But Meeks is not the first sexy person ever to have Read More

MEET Zac Efron brother

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Zac Efron’s brother is SO sexi that will make you wonder: girlfriend or sister-in-law What girl in this universe does not think Zac Efron is one of the sexiest men, Well if you’re a fan of this handsome actor, then you have to meet his brother, Dylan Little Efron is just as attractive as his Read More