Dreadlocks in men?

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A Rastafarian religion in which he turned that a simple fashion will become much more than that, he turned it into a unique ideology that conquered a lot of fans of this especially for the hippie looks of that time. Converting our hair into dreadlocks does not have to make you think that you are Read More

Beautiful african braids

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The African braids are characterized by being small and begin well attached to the scalp. One of the styles that has been at the top of fashion lately is to wear African braids all over the head, loose or forming a hairstyle. All types of braids have been a useful alternative for a long time, Read More

How to shave lines in the eyebrows

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The lines on the eyebrows are a fashionable trend for many young people. They consider it “great” to have eyebrow patterns, and believe that it increases their popularity ratings among their peers. The trend was presented to the general audience at the end of the 80s when celebrities, like Vanilla Ice, wore that fashion. In Read More

Be successful

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THIS AMAZING MEN RAMIT SETHI ,WRITE: Let’s be honest, success is hard. Not complicated, just hard. It’s hard because we’re wired to look for quick fixes, easy outs and ways to keep from failing. And it’s not our fault. Our brain wants to use the path of least resistance. If we really want to be Read More

Get money TODAY!

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1. A Facebook account and your friends can be the solution Sign in to your Facebook account and ask your friends if they need someone to look after their children, their pets, or even their home on the same day or night.Β  Be sure to make it clear why you are a good kangaroo (or Read More

The most luxurious retreats and vacationsπŸ’Ž

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  Do you feel that your body and mind is tired? Sometimes it is necessary to give them a break and what better way to do it in a mindfulness retreat in a beutiful and luxury places 1.Accommodation Saffire, Tasmania, Australia The only luxury accommodation in Tasmania, Saffire sits alone in the wilderness of the Read More

The good thing about yogaπŸ™†πŸΌβ€

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If there is a community characterized by being united, supportive, and peaceful, it is that of yoga, whose members are capable of achieving inner peace by uniting well-being at the level of body, soul and thought. In addition to the physical benefits of this practice, there are a number of more positive aspects when doing Read More

Work from home today

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The Sci Tech period isn’t just framing our cultural improvement. However, our working routines is altering as well. Nowadays due the type of operating, the impact of Web within our lifestyles has additionally been extremely changed. Multi-national companies in addition to various nationwide businesses have started hiring individuals who function from their houses. Individuals are Read More

How is the life of a businessman?

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Making money is good to have a great quality of life but it is better when you’re fit and healthy to be able to enjoy it otherwise later you could end up spending all the money you made on your health treating diseases led by overweight! What are the things you business men and men Read More

Discover the latest trend in fitness

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Gym weights Exercises with gym weights are a trend among fitness practitioners. These solid iron weights are characterized by their shape: it is a ball with flat base and handle. In memory of their origin, they are also known as Russian dumbbells Training with these weights improves cardiorespiratory capacity and, in addition, strength and muscular Read More