These adorable parakeets are the synonym of love

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Meet the adorable parakeets Winter, Spring, River and Pain. These four copies of the Pacific were recently integrated into the family of Rupa Sutton, who had no idea of the impact they would have on their lives. Since they arrived, the little feathers filled the photographer’s existence with fun and laughter; and not only that: Read More

Can you do these 8 tests?

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The human body is as amazing and rareΒ  ; You may have discovered some new skill of ome people ,that you did not think possible, and better yet, no one else can do it! Either move your ears, touch your elbows with your tongue, among other curious things that seem to be simple. However, not Read More

Funny recreations of old photos

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It's always fun to watch your childhood photos. You may not remember that you had your hairΒ  strangely, you smiled without all your teeths, like everyone we have a special photo saved on an album , memories of incredible moments in our lives. Until there are no artifacts to return in time, a fun way Read More

When you regret to buying online

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Buying online is risky, it is likely that the product you get is like a treasure that you would never have found in your locality, but it can also be a complete scam, a poor quality product or not even what you asked for. This was learned in the worst way by these dissatisfied customers; Read More

Reasons why you should not fall asleep at a party

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There are many reasons why someone may be tempted to fall asleep at a party: drunkenness, exhaustion of so much fun, boredom for lack of fun, etc. Although sometimes the temptation to fall asleep is strong, we are here to show you reasons why you should never fall asleep at a party. 1.You will be Read More

When Christmas is not a good day

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The Christmas season of the year expected by many, day in which some are happy and others have some problems of spirit of Christmas or balance. We present situations in which the spirit of Christmas fails. You're going to have a laugh Read More

Family photos that did not turn out perfect

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The family is great for all those little things and for the great moments that you have shared and that you will always share. We hope these photos willΒ  fun you ...enjoy itΒ  and share with your family these fun pictures, and leave us a comment below. Read More

Funny ?

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Ok, so it's not the best joke I've heard, I'm sure, but knowing how to be funny is one of the best traits they have. Be funny, although it's not all about telling jokes, but it can also be in the form of resourceful one-liners and stimulate moment comments. Many of my friends are instinctively Read More