These adorable parakeets are the synonym of love

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Meet the adorable parakeets Winter, Spring, River and Pain. These four copies of the Pacific were recently integrated into the family of Rupa Sutton, who had no idea of the impact they would have on their lives. Since they arrived, the little feathers filled the photographer’s existence with fun and laughter; and not only that: Read More

Giant dogs of the world

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While it is rare to find anyone on a walk in the park, its impressive size will leave you perplexed if you have the opportunity to see one, as compared to other animals, these dogs can measure the same as a horse. You imagine? If you like imposing, majestic and flashy dogs you may be Read More

Watch the Sloth babies conversation🌱

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The Sloth or lazy Bear (Bradypus variegatus), is a species ofΒ  own of Center and South America. The sloth has grayish brown to beige skin, and is very thick. The lazy head is round, nose flat and ears not visible. The tail is very small. It is the most distributed and common species of the Read More

Tender snake images that will make you lose your fear

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Believe it or not, snakes can be completely charming and to show you, we brought you these images that will convince you that not all snakes are fearsome. Snakes are beautiful and mysterious animals that have an undeserved bad reputation. Some people have even been afraid of these impressive animals, but they have more reason Read More

Meaty the pitbull rescue dog that smiles

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Some people say that rescuing a dog will not change the world, but it will change their world; This is well known to Lisa Reilly, who rescued Meatball, better known as Meaty; and since then the dog has not stopped smiling. Meaty is a Pitbull cross He has won over 40,000 followers on Instagram If Read More

Girl sings to her dog to sleep him

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Leave everything you’re doing right now and see what could be the most tender video you’ll see on the Internet in recent months. Lauren Malone recorded the moment in which her adorable daughter Katy sing to her new pet named Oakley, a puppy about three months old. Like a mother, the tender girl took the Read More

Loving cats with their owners🐱

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  CATS? Cats are considered as slightly distant and independent animals Which seek us only for food Do you think it’s true? Today we will prove the opposite to those people who think this. We invite you to enjoy these adorable photos of loving cats Read More

The tender side of feline maternity

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The love of a mother is unconditional, tender and of constant demonstrations whatever the species from which it comes. Cats, although often judged to be cold and calculating, are as capable of giving affection as anyone, especially if it is to consent to their children. For the skeptics to prove it, we have brought you Read More

Ball python as a pet?

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Having a python snake as a pet carries a great responsibility to yourself, your family, and your own python pet. You have to keep in mind that as you spend time with your python you will get to know her or him more ,remember that all animal species, as well as humans, have different personalities. Read More

A fox and a dog best friends

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  If you ever saw the movie The Fox and the Hound, you surely loved the story. And the poignant film brought tears to more than one. If you fell in love with that movie, read on … we have the real-life version for you! Juniper is a fox that has been brought up as Read More