Can you do these 8 tests?

8 months ago vanesa 1

The human body is as amazing and rareΒ  ; You may have discovered some new skill of ome people ,that you did not think possible, and better yet, no one else can do it! Either move your ears, touch your elbows with your tongue, among other curious things that seem to be simple. However, not all humans have the same abilities, that includes carrying out these nice actions.

How many of these you can do ?


1.Licking elbow

2.Tricks with the tongue

3.Move your ears

4.Raise eyebrows

5.Move the ring fingers


Put your both hands together, join the center fingersΒ  , now try to move the ring fingers. You can not? Do not be alarmed, you are part of the 98 percent that does not. On the other hand, if you were victorious, you can pass to the select group of 2 percent.

6.Move the palm of the hand


7.Touch the nose with the tongue

8.Break an apple with your hands