Ball python as a pet?

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Having a python snake as a pet carries a great responsibility to yourself, your family, and your own python pet.

You have to keep in mind that as you spend time with your python you will get to know her or him more ,remember that all animal species, as well as humans, have different personalities. Your python can become very meek, if you accustom the python to be confortable in the human hands (remember that you must take it with a lot of delicacy). Your python can have a bad day and it could be angry because she maybe feel uncomfortable, hungry, in heat ... Just like the humans , in these cases you must be careful and leave it quiet.
But as it can be meek, you may find yourself with a strong character python but as I said before, with the time you will know your python and you will be able to read her ,and know when you can take it and when not.

Here some tips that you need to have in mind ,if you are planning to have a python

You have to know and investigate if your country is allowed to have this kind of pets.
After this, finding your python is not going to be very difficult and you have two options: the first is to go to a reptile shelter.

There are many people who after a month or two of having the snake ,they abandon this cute creature, for this reason, you have to be sure that you can take charge with the responsability ,remember  the life of an animal will be in your hands.

You can also go to an accredited animal center and better if is specialized in reptiles with homologation. Heed the questions, advice and recommendations of the expert if you feel that he is a responsible professional. If you see that the guy tries to sell you the python without any questions  or advice... run, it's not a good thing, and side.


The space required by an adult python - a terrarium measuring at least 3x1x2 meters, and with constant temperature and humidity.
Feeding: you can chosse to feed your snake with  frozen or living rats and later rabbits if your snake grow (but that is something that you can control the size).


This information is not provided by an expert ,is provided by an amateur, so keep serching more about the topic.:3

This is a super recomended incredible channel ♥ of an amazing expert of snakes and reptiles,take a look.