A beautiful world inside your ring

6 months ago vanesa 0

There are fascinating collections of rings filled with diamonds, but the rings we present this time are unique, since inside they have minipaisajes encapsulated in resin.

Secret Wood is a Canadian jewelry company that is in charge of encapsulating miniature landscapes within rings made with fresh green wood, resin and beeswax.

Wooden rings with resin encapsulated minipals

Each ring is unique, so when a person acquires one, only that person will have a ring of that style. You can order a ring based on the design of another that has already been made, it may be similar in shape and color, but it will never be identical.

Highlights include natural sites such as rocky lagoons, forests, waterfalls, skies, lakes, mountains, flowers and snowy landscapes.

wooden ring with a snowy mini slip in

If you want to see more jewelry rings you can visit their online store or on their Facebook page; for now here we leave you a gallery with fabulous minipalsage encapsulated in resin.