Expansions of the ears

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In our days, the great popularity of the expansions of the ears is undeniable. A type of very peculiar body art that we could perfectly classify within a spectrum almost ghost located between the piercings and the extreme corporal modification. Well, as always, now what you most expected: a good photo gallery of expansions of Read More

Metricas Frias rapper

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Metricas Frias is a rapper from medellin, city of colombia, who has an incredible style and a voice that impacts. Metricas FrΓ­as talks about how he raps at concerts. He is energetic and agile, jumping from one topic to another without losing the rhythm. This 23-year-old Medellin rapper is also thoughtful and attentive. It’s warm, Read More

These adorable parakeets are the synonym of love

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Meet the adorable parakeets Winter, Spring, River and Pain. These four copies of the Pacific were recently integrated into the family of Rupa Sutton, who had no idea of the impact they would have on their lives. Since they arrived, the little feathers filled the photographer’s existence with fun and laughter; and not only that: Read More

Giant dogs of the world

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While it is rare to find anyone on a walk in the park, its impressive size will leave you perplexed if you have the opportunity to see one, as compared to other animals, these dogs can measure the same as a horse. You imagine? If you like imposing, majestic and flashy dogs you may be Read More

The beautiful frozen Baikal lake ♑❄️

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Kristina Makeeva is a photographer and traveler from Moscow who together with a group of friends was set on the impressive Lake Baikal, Russia, considered as the deepest and most crystalline of the Earth. Before the trip, they did not even suspect the surprise and magic that awaited them being there. Here we present you,the Read More

Watch the Sloth babies conversation🌱

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The Sloth or lazy Bear (Bradypus variegatus), is a species ofΒ  own of Center and South America. The sloth has grayish brown to beige skin, and is very thick. The lazy head is round, nose flat and ears not visible. The tail is very small. It is the most distributed and common species of the Read More

See these beautiful illustrations

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The illustration is a drawing, painting or printed work of art that explains, clarifies, illuminates, visually represents, or simply decorates a written text, which may be of a literary or commercial nature. An illustrator from Colombia is creating incredible, beautiful and detailed illustrations. She has an instagram account and little by little it has become Read More

Dreadlocks in men?

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A Rastafarian religion in which he turned that a simple fashion will become much more than that, he turned it into a unique ideology that conquered a lot of fans of this especially for the hippie looks of that time. Converting our hair into dreadlocks does not have to make you think that you are Read More

Beautiful african braids

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The African braids are characterized by being small and begin well attached to the scalp. One of the styles that has been at the top of fashion lately is to wear African braids all over the head, loose or forming a hairstyle. All types of braids have been a useful alternative for a long time, Read More

How to shave lines in the eyebrows

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The lines on the eyebrows are a fashionable trend for many young people. They consider it “great” to have eyebrow patterns, and believe that it increases their popularity ratings among their peers. The trend was presented to the general audience at the end of the 80s when celebrities, like Vanilla Ice, wore that fashion. In Read More